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Seamless software and APIs that enable businesses to accept payments and financial institutions to innovate at scale

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Accept payments, send payouts, and protect revenue from fraud. Opn powers fast, secure, and seamless payment experiences everywhere you and your customers engage.

Accept payments

Secure and seamless checkout experience

Send payouts

Convenient fund transfers to merchants and partners

Embedded payments

Payment capabilities for platforms and marketplaces

Issue virtual cards

Create branded virtual cards

Payment acceptance

Build experience-driven purchasing journeys

Our payment technology is built to satisfy your unique requirements and the needs of your customers

Business operations

Maximize accuracy and efficiency across teams

Manage daily tasks and get real-time transaction notifications for maximum accuracy and efficiency


Automatically send payouts to partners

Bypass manual bank transfers. Deposit funds directly from your account to business partners and merchants.

  • Marketplace
  • Restaurant chain
  • On-demand platform
  • Payment infrastructure for banks and platforms

    Processing technology

    Rapidly roll out modern payment gateway services while limiting risks, investments and development time.

    Branded card issuing

    Opn supports the entire card lifecycle including user onboarding, card management, transaction processing, reporting, and customer support.

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    Outgrow the competition in payments

    Professional consulting service that helps brands transform, disrupt, and optimize their businesses worldwide.

    # Create a charge
    require "omise"
    Omise.secret_api_key = "skey_test_4xs8breq3htbkj03d2x"
    charge = Omise::Charge.create({
      amount: 100000,
      currency: "thb",
      card: "tokn_test_4xs9408a642a1htto8z"

    Developer friendly

    Built for developers

    Clean and modern RESTful APIs backed by comprehensive documentation.

    Open your doors to the new possibilities in business

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