Powerful payment suite for your business

Robust tools and powerful features built to scale as your business grows

Seamless payment experience

Optimized payment flow reducing the chance of you losing sales

Protect revenue from fraud

Evaluate every transaction with machine learning fraud prevention tool

Automatically send payouts

Efficiently send payouts to merchants and partners

Powering payments for leading brands

Bumrungrad Hospital

Why Opn Payments?

Grow into new geographic markets with a single integration through one payment partner
Increase conversions

Our checkout is refined to reduce friction and make shopping smoother for customers

Mobile commerce ready

Increase sales on all social channels using our customizable hosted checkout page

Localized payment acceptance

Accept international card brands and all popular local payment methods

PCI DSS certified

Process payments without having to handle sensitive data and reduce your PCI scope.

The online payment technology that Opn Payments offers has enabled us to create a checkout page that is so smooth to the point that users don't really notice it.


Fashion retailer

# Create a charge

require "omise"

Omise.secret_api_key = "skey_test_4xs8breq3htbkj03d2x"

charge = Omise::Charge.create({
  amount: 100000,
  currency: "thb",
  card: "tokn_test_4xs9408a642a1htto8z"

Designed for developers

Integrate using RESTful APIs and customize capabilities to fit your business needs

Payments in action

See how organizations are driving their business forward with our payment solutions
After integrating with Omise, we were able to solve quite a few things around customer experience. The significant changes we see are reduced drop-offs at checkout and also the reduced steps in which our customers have to go through to complete the purchase.

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