All the possible ways to accept payments

Whether domestic or international, on-site or in-app, we make it simple for you to setup and get paid.

Unified payments for every need

One-click checkout

Offer customers the ability to buy without entering payment information

Social commerce

Securely accept payments through links on social platforms and live streams


Set recurring billing and subscription payments to automatic

More ways to get paid with Opn Payments

Find all the popular payment options your customers know and prefer from cards, e-wallets to buy now pay later.

Payment method

Payment type

K Plus
Mobile payments
SCB Easy
Mobile payments
QR payments
Digital wallets
Google Pay
Digital wallets, Cards
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Architected for reliability and scalability

Our cloud-based infrastructure is highly scalable and available, ensuring service round-the-clock and abundant room for businesses to grow.

Infrastructure redundancy

Our infrastructure in not dependent on a single authority, with parts stored in the cloud — ensuring secure processing even in unforeseen cases of network disruption.

Secure by default

Our client libraries are built to be secure by default with the highest level of encryption. All sensitive card data never passes through your servers and is kept off the network.

Fraud protection

Comprehensive risk management and machine learning fraud protection models are in place - fine tuned to protect your business from costly fraudlent transactions.

The significant changes we see are reduced drop-offs at checkout and also the reduced steps in which our customers have to go through to complete the purchase.

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