Tap into new experiences

Add digital touch-points across all your physical locations.


Improve customer experience

Turn any customer interaction into a digital experience — display product catalogues, take orders, offer promo codes, and more.

Contactless experience

In a single tap, customers can access your product catalogue.

Go paperless

Forget PDFs and printing. Create your digital product catalogue that can be updated online, anytime.


Day-to-day operations, simplified

Tools for accepting online payments, monitoring orders and managing delivery are all built-in, ready for you to use.

Bring offline data online

Get access to sales performance and customer insights, allowing for data-driven decisions.

Embedded payments and delivery

Accept online payments and manage home deliveries without extra integration.

Catered to your business needs

Better engage with customers, save costs on printed materials and eliminate human errors by digitizing your services.

Digital menu

Attractive and easy-to-use digital menu.

Trusted by leading brands


Opn Tag FAQs

What is Opn Tag?

Opn Tag is a digital solution to help business owners, especially in the F&B and hospitality industry, create digital touchpoints at storefront using contactless tags. Business owners and teams can easily create digital menus and catalogues, upload images and videos, and set the pricing. And soon, Opn Tag will come complete with an ordering management system and online payment capabilities.

NFC (Near-field communication) allows phones, tablets, and other devices to conveniently share data like videos and photos between two NFC-enabled devices. NFC is limited to communication within 4 to 10 centimeters.

Digitize your business with Opn Tag

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