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How to use the dashboard?

The Omise Dashboard offers a central location for business owners and team members to access payment information, carry out day-to-day operations, and configure your Omise account.

How to use Links?

Links let merchants create a payment link which can be shared with clients through any communication channel to request for payments. Links can be created from the dashboard or using the Links API. You can also integrate them with chatbots.

What are the total, on hold, and transferable balance?

There are 3 types of balances displayed on your Omise dashboard; the total, on hold, and transferable balance.

How does advanced search work?

Advanced search allows you to combine multiple search parameters for smaller and more precise search results. You can use advanced search to narrow down your search to dates, charges, filter transactions from specific time periods and much more.

What to do if the Opn SSO sign-in domain is blocked?

The new merchant dashboard features SSO functionality, providing a seamless and secure authentication experience.

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