“Tap” into new experiences

A digitized solution to enhance your
customer service using our contactless tags. Simply tap on your phone and experience a new world of possibilities.

Design new experiences for your customers

Opn.Tag are contactless, programmable tags. They use NFC technology to trigger an action on a customer's smartphone that they activate with a simple tap. You can set Opn.Tag to show a digital menu, offer coupons, order room service, create a payment gateway, and much more.


How it works

Setting up an Opn.Tag is easy and hassle-free - you’ll be able to set up and implement Opn.Tag into your business in no time.


Set it

Using a smartphone, set up your Opn.Tag to create a prompt

opn.tag_Stick it.png

Stick it

Once you’ve set it up, stick it where your customers can easily interact with it

opn.tag_tap it.png

Tap it

Just place your phone near the Opn.Tag and tap your screen to activate!

We cater to your business needs

No matter your business, Opn.Tag can help you to better engage with your customers, save costs on printed materials, eliminate human errors, and more, by digitizing your services!


Simply “Tap” to
order and pay

Opn.Tag brings touchless connectivity to your restaurant by offering a seamless way to order and pay.



Tap to

tap to en3.gif

Create new and memorable experiences for your customers. Whatever your business, we have your digital solution.

Benefits for your business

Opn.Tag has multiple business usages to enhance customer service, making your customer’s journey seamless and enticing.

Optimize Efficiency

Reduce costs by digitizing operations

Seamless Processing

Seamless journey from ordering to making payment

Build Relationships

Expand your reach and build lasting relationship with customers

Digitize your business using Opn.Tag