Integrate an

eWallet solution

to your product

Our flexible eWallet suite allows you to quickly extend financial capabilities to your customers to create a seamless experience.

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Modular eWallet suite that fits your needs

Opn provides you with the necessary components to create your own digital wallet within your product. Our modular APIs can be mixed and matched to cater to your specific needs.

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Securely manage your

customers’ credentials

Effortlessly identify your customer. Securely store, update, and manage their credentials. Deliver personalized experience at every touch point in your ecosystem.

Single ID

Universal ID

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Safe and seamless

end-to-end experience

Securely and seamlessly verify user’s identity with various authentication methods offered by Opn. Create an engaging experience when they interact with your brand.

Co-branded NFC card


QR Code

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Keep track of transactions on your platform

Have full control over transactional data generated by your customers. Retrieve and use those data to build better customer profiles.

Comprehensive data