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Create an e-commerce website for your brand

Build professional websites, run day-to-day operations and grow online sales

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Build your brand identity

Create a beautifully crafted website that fully represents your brand without having to write a single line of code.

Ready-to-use templates

Choose from our suite of well-designed templates that match your products and brand

Storefront editor

Freedom to create and edit website content on an easy-to-use system

Run your business with ease

Running a business does not have to be complicated. We focus on providing tools and solutions to help your operation run smoothly.

Accept payments

Securely accept credit card and QR code payments

Manage orders

View and manage orders through one dashboard

Shipping covered

Fulfill orders through connected partners

Grow your online revenue

Get access to meaningful customer insights and marketing tools that help drive better results

Reach a wider audience

Rank higher on Google search using our built-in SEO tool. Offer promo codes for seasonal deals or exclusive campaigns to boost sales.

Track sales performance

Access realtime customer data and sales performance insights

All the essential e-commerce tools in one place

Custom domain name

Select your own web address to help boost brand credibility and establish online presence so that it’s easy for customers to find you

High performance

Lightning-fast pageload and stable service uptime

Inventory sync

All your inventory is synced across your sales channels and warehouse locations

“Opn Store makes our dreams come true. We have the first official online store ever with our own domain name and 200+ orders coming within a week”

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We work with the best in the business

JT Express
Best Express
Flash Express
Bee Express
Kerry Express
My Cloud
Thailand Post

Opn Store FAQs

What is Opn Store?

Opn Store is an e-commerce platform built to help business owners start, manage and grow their business online. It is equipped with capabilities including a website builder, a product information management system, an order tracking system, a content management system, a payment gateway, multiple delivery partners, among others.

You can join the waitlist today, and be among the first group of users to get access once Opn Store is publicly available.

Opn Store supports delivery options from the most popular logistics providers in Thailand such as Thai Post, Kerry, J&T, Best, Flash and CJ Express.

Build your brand with Opn Store

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