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Launch your branded NFTs

Create and integrate NFTs to your business with the team you already have. No blockchain experience needed.

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Use NFTs to grow your business

NFTs have evolved from digital art and collectibles to real-world applications such as ticketing, rights management, licensing, and much more.

Increase your revenue

Increase monetization for your existing products and services

New ways to engage customers

Provide additional value for your customers in the form of unique perks and benefits, early access to upcoming products, and more.

Build your digital presence

Create an entire virtual brand experience for your present and future customers to enjoy

Use Opn Mint’s APIs to issue NFTs right away

Whether you’re a Ruby master or a Java expert, we’ve got you covered. Start integrating with your preferred programming language right away.

Our APIs integrate with your existing systems

  • Simple API integration
  • Issue NFTs on any chain
  • ERC-721 compatible

Make NFTs quickly and effortlessly

Launch your branded NFTs without having to build from scratch or invest time and resources into acquiring domain-specific knowledge

Start minting in no time

  • Reduce time to market
  • No blockchain expertise needed
  • No hidden fees



1b1 is an all-in-one primary market for NFT arts where collectors can browse their favorite artists’ work, purchase it, and print.

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What is Opn Mint?

Opn Mint is an engine that allows you to mint anything into NFTs. You can create and manage collections, and trade them in secondary platforms such as Opensea.io.

We provide lazy minting, which means the minting cost happens the moment someone purchases an NFT. Thus, the cost is on the buyer, not the seller. Gas fees may vary depending on the network usage at the time. Still, there is a small cost for the initial deployment of the collection, but lazy minting significantly lowers the initial investment of the seller

Opn Mint will connect to your Metamask wallet, similar to other DeFi platforms. When users make a transaction, such as transferring crypto to another wallet or purchasing an NFT on the platform, they need to have enough ETH in the wallet for the initial transaction and the associated gas fees.

Opn Mint provides the option of ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

Opn Mint is currently using the Ethereum chain; however, we’re looking into exploring other chains in the future.

We realized the NFTs market is relatively new, and we provide a consultancy service that can guide you to expand your business with NFTs.

Ready to create NFTs for your own brand?

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