SYNQA Rebrands to Opn to Support Strategic Vision and Accelerated Global Aspirations

Published by Opn Team on May 10, 2022
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TOKYO – May 10, 2022 – SYNQA Co., Ltd. (“SYNQA”), the parent company of Omise Payment Holdings (“Omise”) and OPN Co., Ltd., announced today that it will be rebranding into “Opn” to better reflect the company’s strategic vision and bold purpose of enabling access to the digital economy for everyone. The new name underscores the company’s commitment to making payment seamless and borderless for both people and businesses.

“Enabling access means not only helping merchants by providing a one-stop payment solution, but also helping people by allowing them to easily connect to the online world,” said Jun Hasegawa, CEO and Founder of Opn. “At Opn, we understand that people’s daily lives revolve around payment, and the digital touchpoints that we are creating allow people and businesses to carry out their transactions seamlessly. With this rebranding to Opn, we are renewing our commitment to developing innovative fintech solutions by focusing on the customer experience and working our way backwards to relieve pain points.”

Opn today also announced that it raised a total of USD 120M in Series C+ funding from a group led by JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd., MUFG Bank, Ltd., and Mars Growth Capital. (Refer to press release titled: “Opn Announces USD 120M Series C+ Funding Led by JIC VGI, MUFG Bank and Mars Growth.”)

Opn has evolved to offer products and services beyond traditional finance and online payment. Through its robust payment infrastructure platform that has a successful track record in Southeast Asia and Japan, it has helped thousands of merchants of all sizes grow their businesses. Opn’s real-world touch points complement its widely-used payment platform by expanding opportunities for people and businesses.

“The new Opn represents our expanded vision starting today. We are a full funnel fintech platform which enables everyone to bypass the difficult to navigate payment experience that exists today,” said Hasegawa.

“Our solutions also support borderless commerce, so it’s only in our nature to continue to expand into new territories and enable customers beyond our core markets of Southeast Asia and Japan to use our platform. As we approach 10 years since our establishment, we remain committed more than ever to provide the world with more seamless economic activity by delivering products that are frictionless.”

The timing of the rebrand coincides with the significant transformation taking place across the organization, which has grown to nearly 500 talented associates serving our more than 7,000 merchants across six countries1. Opn has also launched a renewed website2, which provides an enhanced experience for stakeholders and will incorporate customer onboarding in the future.

Opn recently launched Opn Tag in Thailand, a platform for merchants such as restaurants and hotels that supports contactless payment and delivery through NFC3 and QR code technology. Opn intends to launch several additional global services this year, including Opn Mint, allowing businesses to easily create NFTs for their brand, Opn Store, allowing people and businesses to create online stores with payment and fulfillment fully integrated4, and a digital wallet, allowing businesses to integrate eWallet onto their platforms to increase customer engagement.

About Opn

Opn, which was rebranded from SYNQA, is a company founded in 2013 with expertise in Asia. Opn specializes in online payment, blockchain technology for fintech applications and digital transformation solutions. Opn connects people, businesses and society in innovative ways that spread the wealth of financial opportunity and provide fair and open access to a growing economic ecosystem under its vision of enabling access to the digital economy for everyone. Opn is powered by its payment infrastructure sister company, Omise Payment Holdings, which provides one-stop online payment solutions. Its services are used by thousands of merchants and businesses around the world. Visit our website for more information:

  1. Based on company data as of May 9, 2022
  2. Opn’s renewed website can be accessed at the following URL:
  3. Refers to Near Field Communication (NFC), which is a common feature on iOS and Android devices
  4. Fulfillment will only be available in Thailand at time of launch

Note: Omise’s payment services will continue operating under the Omise name. Opn products and services are powered by Omise’ payment infrastructure.

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